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Video Insights Platform

Our Video Analytics platform, VIP, brings all the performance, engagement, and video metrics into a single, powerful tool that provides you and your team the insight you need to manage and measure video.

Comprehensive Video Performance Data

Every metric required to precisely measure video is built into a detailed, easy-to-interpret VIP report.

We capture all data in real-time, including impressions, viewable impressions, clicks, quartiles, micro-quartiles, completions, GRPs, CPP, Reach/Frequency, and other campaign-specific KPIs and performance metrics.

Cross-screen Measurement

We understand both broadcast and online media and track campaigns in GRPs, reach/frequency, and CPP, allowing advertisers to measure true, cross-screen performance.

Today's video campaigns reach audiences on every platform and LIN Digital's 52 year heritage in multi-screen video gives us unique expertise in measuring video across all screens.

Get the VIP Experience

To learn more about how VIP can transform the way you measure video performance, contact us.
Premium Video for Every Screen

Premium Video Network

Our full-service video solutions offer premium inventory, precise targeting, brand-safe delivery, and comprehensive reporting to deliver results-driven campaigns that exceed marketers’ goals.

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